Saturday, August 7, 2010

"One Moment in Time"

Up early for our "one moment in time," to meet my son for an early morning bike ride. Yesterday's workouts left me with a lot of residual fatigue, but I am looking forward to our journey together this morning. The passing of many years has taught me not to take these times, these moments, lightly. This day, this opportunity won't ever come back. I can't save this moment to use later, except to remember and delight in again. Sometimes I smell the coffee when I get out of bed, and some days I have the wisdom to stop, take in the aroma and all the early morning sights, sounds, and savor that moment like it might be my last morning. Trying to hold a moment makes me keenly aware of the brevity of this life's treasured moments. And I feel a certain humility and gratitude to God for these treasured moments. And,in that one moment in time, I cannot help but pray.