Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Before daylight-early morning, multiple loop run done by moonlight and flashlight. Quiet, unbelievably quiet, no vehicles at all, full moon shining on the hayfield like it would an ocean. The only sound was my friend's roosters. Each time I ran by his house and turned my flashlight on, it looked like first light to them, I guess and they set off to crowing. I don't know where he got these roosters or what he had been feeding them but they sounded bad, each uniquely bad in some way. All had a scratchy, crackling, raspy sound though-fingernails scraping across a blackboard.

The last time I went by his house and the roosters set off their noisey barrage, I saw a light come on in the house. As I was leaving, driving by his house, my friend was already up working in his garden. No doubt, the boy couldn't sleep and thought he might as well get up and do something besides lay there and listen to a bunch of raspy roosters.