Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Endangered Species

Yes, there are many endangered species in the world and once gone; gone forever. So is the spirit, the flame, the passion within us; once gone...

Looking at race results it is easy to see how the numbers in the age groups drop off as the age escalates. Wonder why that is? Is it because of injuries? Is it because of illness related to aging? Or could it be burnout; a "been there done that" perspective. Or, perhaps as we age, we began to believe and take inside, the propaganda about aging that perpetually infests our lives?

And I wonder how many don't participate, don't push anymore, don't dream anymore, simply because the fire has gone out, leaving life to fizzle like a doused campfire.

The flame of our passion is a beautiful endangered bird and must be protected. That flame; our true life can simply can get blown out like a pilot light in an oven.
rendering the finer parts of ourselves extinct.