Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wake Up Call

After being beat up by the heat/humidity lately, I decided to do a dawn run. As I arrived at my usual parking place, the dawn silhouetted two buzzards on an electrical pole right in front of the truck. This is where the mockingbird usually is, singing his encouragement to me when I begin my runs. Buzzards? Not a good omen.
And they started stretching and yawning like they were getting up for a big breakfast. Not good. Do I look that bad? Am I that slow? I went on and when I returned the buzzards were gone and my mockingbird was back.

Perhaps that is the essence of why I do all this in the first place. The good life must be sustained and renewed by daily making the decision to turn from the buzzards of life that would consume the spirit like so much carrion and focus on the mockingbirds that sing energy, encouragement, and life at its best.