Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He'll Always Be There For You

God? Yes, of course. But, there is someone else that will always be there for you: the devil on your shoulder in the later miles. For all my events, for over a quarter of a century, this guy has always shown up. I swear he holds up signs up in the later miles that say something to the effect: you look awful, this really hurts bad, really bad, doesn't it? Go on quit. Who cares anyway? When he can't get my attention, he will whisper in my ear: You are killing yourself out here,take it easy. You have a family, you know. In the last few miles of marathons, it is sometimes hard to hear the cheers of the crowd for his screaming in my ear, "this is stupid! Quit"!

I will say this for this spokesman for personal undertow: he is faithful, but not to me, but to executing my demise. Over the years I have grown to expect his presence and prepare for his pathological input. Yes, he is faithful to his negative agenda and overcoming is a matter of executing a stronger greater faithfulness to the Spirit of yes that God has put within me. No doubt he will be at my next event.