Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not Being Taken Alive

Read this morning that we can expect a lot of hurricanes this year; doom and pestilence. Long term health care costs are going up. Better get some long term health care insurance or you will surely die. And on and on, I read about all these ominous things that will surely kill me or drive me to pitiful poverty.

I have been very poor before and lived through it well. And how many times can these things kill me? Just once. And the thing that would probably kill me first would be stress from worrying about all the things that are out to get me. Should I let the worries of tomorrow steal the life of today?

I am prepared. I have peace with God and peace with myself. I will prepare for hurricanes and other various disasters.....but for now, I have a six mile run to do. It is high humidity and increasing heat. In the afternoon, I have a bike ride to do. Life is very good in spite of its ominous side. As the saying goes, "I am being stalked by death, but it will never take me alive."