Friday, March 11, 2016

Another Good Mile; Following After

Six hours on the bike trainer indoors yesterday, and not feeling worse for wear today. Funny, but I never think I am getting in shape, when I do great workouts. I think I am just learning to tolerate the discomfort; that I am really the same in fitness as I was before all this training. Weird thinking, I know, probably spawned by some deep seated insecurity I have not been able to exorcise.

But, whether mentally more capable, physically more capable, or both, I'm becoming more capable. I'll take that, regardless from what source it springs. What does it mean long term? Not sure as far as the event, but I am sure of one thing. Great days of overcoming make me happy, bring me to a peace. So before this good feeling of yesterday starts slipping a little, I want more and will try for more. I think it makes me grow. And, I believe that is what God wants of me; and perhaps why he put me following after these miles of the journey.