Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pulling the Plug

Today I have about decided to pull the plug on ironman this May. In fact, I will probably pull the plug on triathlon for the next six months at least. A fire is built in the fireplace. It burns hot and bright, crackling with noise. Over time the fire burns down and the ashes become only faintly warm. My triathlon spirit is only faintly warm right now. I want to get well.

Yesterday, my back strain came back with a vengeance. As I write this I am squirming in my chair under a certain amount of pain. Is it time to pull the plug? Is this God's plan for me, after all? There is not much that could have been done to get me off this journey except to break my back. Maybe that is it.

There is so much else to be done that I don't think I will mourn too much the loss of this quest. I have been on this quest for years, and let so many things go. I have a book or two to put together and finish. Serious training often leaves me tired, about half brain-dead, and not very creative.

Yes, here it is, embracing another failure at ironman, but this time it doesn't hurt as bad and I think the peace with God and His will for this time in my life, has made failure a success.