Saturday, November 28, 2015

Day 71: Keep Stepping

Seven mile run: damp, cold, some rain, a bit tired, but done. It wasn't pretty but it is done. Can't tell what is going to happen out there ahead in this journey but this was done; this one step was taken; the next is planned and hoped for. It might be a little presumptuous to say I am going to do this. As the Bible says, "tonight your soul shall be required of thee." But, I do know what road I am on. I intend to stay on it as long as long as my soul is not "required of me" beforehand. I do know Whose road I am on and I do know what is required of me: just keeping stepping and stepping on this path He has marked out for me. My own hope is for this theses step on this journey take me to what I am working for. If He has another destination, along this journey, then my hope will be centered on that. My job is simple: keep putting one workout, one day, one overcoming, after another. Staying true to that course I cannot fail to arrive where I should go; I cannot lose.