Friday, November 27, 2015

Nothing Black

Black Friday- but nothing seems too black right now. Oh, training could be better. Motivation could be higher. Stuff could hurt less. But overall there is nothing black about this Friday. In fact, there are some are some golden hues to this day.

For one, I am so glad that I am not bargain driven to the extent that I would join the maddening crowds in pursuit of "stuff". There is the vision I have of shaking a bucket full of range cubes and cows come running to greedily push and shove each other to get the feed. Perhaps, I would rather pay a little more and save this day; this day is a bargain already. This day, I have health to do almost anything I want to. This day, I have almost everything I truly need; not necessarily all I would want. And this day, I have enough hopes and dreams to keep me pointed forward with hope. But, most of all I have a peace with God that can't be found in stores on Black Friday.

So, before I go into the day's workouts, I think I will go outside with my cup of coffee, enjoy that masterful handiwork, and thank God again. So glad I didn't get over being thankful yesterday.