Sunday, November 22, 2015

Day 67: Carry Me

Yesterday, I quit my 13 mile run at 7 miles. Today, it was hard to get a 2 hours plus bike ride in. This is hard to discern whether it is a mental let down or physical failure. In any case, the week was OK but I expected better. Neither my long run or my long bike got down. I am tired and tired is a good time not to make big decisions if I don't have to. Right now - if I followed impulse - I would chunk this whole thing and start shopping chocolates and nice recliners. I would let myself go and blame it on my genes: sedentary is hereditary. That should do the trick.

God is just going to have to carry me across this troubled water or I won't make it across. And in either case I will have placed faith and future in God's hands. That can't be wrong. Praise God.