Monday, November 16, 2015

Day 63: So That I Might Be Blessed

Yesterday I got in a two and a half hour bike trainer ride. Felt strong and smooth throughout. Is my trainer set too loose or something? That should have been a little harder. Last week training was under fire from back problems, then neck and shoulder problems. But I trained through them and had a good week out of it. Now, a new week, and not much hurts any more. I feel good. I have no excuse to hide behind.

At the same time - and I don't think is coincidence - my closeness to God has increased. It seems the more I give up, the more I get back. "The longer I trust Him, the sweeter He grows," and the longer I trust Him the better I go. But, the key to all this is to hold on to it. Days like this when training is going well are the most hazardous to humility. Humility: the mother of all virtues, of which Benjamin Franklin said was his most difficult virtue. It was because, he said, that about the time he got a little humility, he got proud of it. And pride comes before a fall. So, if I don't want this great season fall apart, I must stay keenly aware of how I am able to do this to begin with; and remain humble so that I might be blessed.