Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sum of My Days

Hard to believe ! What a journey this has been, indeed ! Some time ago I embarked on a project to write a piece on all the things, or adventures, I have had in my life. In doing so, I find that the training for triathlons is just the latest in journeys. It is not an original. The big question is: how did I survive all that?

Another question is: why am I writing all this down into a collection? Who knows for sure? But I so enjoy reliving all those miles of this journey called life. And, sometime right down the road, when I have nothing left but time to reflect, I can still read these stories and get a smile. Even now there is a certain satisfaction reading this stuff, and seeing, and knowing, that the sum of my days, my years, is not as great as the sum of my life.