Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pushing My Rock

It is fading in the mist. Various considerations are being stacked against my goal event. Eight weeks into training and fruit seems to be drying the vine, unpicked. This has happened before while training for other events with consequent episodes of despondency. This time, there is very little. Seems as if I went into this on the chance - slight chance - that it might work out. I wasn't picked to win this one anyway.

So now, there is nothing left to do but go get lots of unhealthy snacks and inebriating beverages, crank back the recliner, limber up the remote, and slump into couch potatoeism (a new word??)

Doesn't even sound like fun. Besides, I don't even have television here. No, this training is too much fun in its own right, for its own sake to quit now. I have always felt like I have been called to push against this rock, not necessarily to move it. So, I will keep pushing against the rock God gave me, and the pushing will keep me strong; ready for the event He has in store.