Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Can!

Just done ! After doing indoor bike workouts for the last several days (cold weather) I just don't have much left in my legs. This feel is reminiscent of my finish at the olympic distance triathlon (Wool Capital Triathlon) in San Angelo, Texas in August. The 6.2 mile run of this event is mostly over the aptly termed, Dirt Road From Hell. The picture is how I looked after finishing. That is sort of how I feel, today.

So, am I ready for all this? Am I sure? Perhaps, I am just too old and have too many miles on the odometer to keep this training up, and do another half ironman distance event?


But, perhaps, this is simply an acquired lethargy from too many easy days inside? Perhaps, this is the mental/personal game being played out here that I must win, or hang up my spandex for good. Perhaps, there is still fire buried in the ashes-fire waiting for the winds of commitment and determination to blow the coals to flame? I can! That is what I chose to believe and what I believe about myself. There is no other good option.