Monday, February 7, 2011

A Good Day

With the downturn in my brother-in-law's fight with cancer, every now and then, he has what is called a "good day." It might be a day with a few confusionless hours, or a day when he eats something, or is not as restless.

Lately,with all the cold, the ice, the snow, every now and then we have a "good day." This past Sunday, it was warm enough for my son and I to go on a road ride. Ah, how great that was, soaring down the hills on our bikes, the woods and streams, the air, the sunshine, the feel of liberation in my body.

It was a special day, a special time, possessing a vividness, an intensity, that I don't remember a day having in a while. The cold weather and the indoor confinement have ramped up my appreciation, I supposed-perhaps only partly so.

There has been much sadnesss over the past few weeks, and I have taking in all of my brother-in-law's reports. Few are the "good days." However, for all cancer has taken from him, it has given me a heightened appreciation for each and every moment, in foul weather and in fair. Life, health, and capability are precious. They are priceless and I want to treat these "good days" like the precious, priceless gifts they are.