Friday, April 27, 2012

You Are My Ironman !

The idea is still exciting and challenging to think about, though I have failed on this journey once already. When I examine my realities, I have to say this was wrong; I’ve misread the vision, and my ego has drawn me off into the unreal and impossible. No, it just can’t be.
Yet, behind it all, in spite of all that is rational and sane; I know. I know. It is unexplainable; it is foolhardy and seems almost impossible. But there is a knowing I cannot escape from and a knawing in my soul that I cannot truly deny. I wish it would go away, but the harder I push it down, the more it rises to the surface of my consciousness and my conscience. I must confess; I am afraid. Perhaps I am to only try; commit to this totally in the face of what the world would term “reality.” Perhaps, my quest is simply one of obedience; to obey if only for the opportunity to try and to fail. But disobedience is failing already. With the opportunity to fail comes the opportunity to be blessed, with success as a possibility, and the voice of God sounding in my ears at the finish line.

“Well done, my faithful servant. You are My Ironman!