Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Not That Good

Next Saturday, May 5th, I think I am in for a "whuppin." My plans are to complete the CB & I Triathlon in The Woodlands, Texas. Most likely, there will be some really good "older guys" at this event, as there has been the past three times I have done this one. I have only placed in my age group once at CB & I. At other events, there are usually only one or two in my age group and all I have to do is show and finish to get a medal. Not so at this event. These old guys are the real deal. They are good. I'm not that good. However, I usually turn in a great preformance (for me)though my great performance barely keeps me out of last place in my age group. God didn't seem to make me any good at this stuff, but don't think I haven't ask "why not?" I love this stuff! Maybe loving something this much and being able to do it at all is blessing upon blessing and good enough? Yes, I have been blessed by the experience that is endurance sports. Maybe I don't have to be all that good to get God's richest blessings from it. So Saturday I will take what I have, revel in my blessings, and do the best I can to "run the race set before me." And in my faith life, I will be the best I can be, but looking to Jesus to make me "good enough." On my own I'm not that good.