Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poisoning Anger

I didn't hear or see anything until it was right upon me. As I was running yesterday, facing traffic, a person in a vehicle couldn't wait, and passed another vehicle right where I was running. Whooosh ! It went within inches of me. I could feel the breeze. Startled, I sort of jumped and ran off the road into the ditch. After being startled and fearful subsided, I was really mad. The vehicle must have been going over eighty miles an hour, and trying to read the license plates was out of the question. The anger built.

What scared me the most however, was the anger inside me, fuming, boiling. It was as if a monster got loose inside me. There was no blood in my veins, only venom, aching for a place to poison. It messed up the tempo, the beauty, the peace of my run. It clouded my soul turned the colored beauty in my life to a dull black and whit. I fumed for a full hour or more but at the end of the day, coming to myself, I found it all pointless, and the only thing I had poisoned was myself.