Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010-It Was a Very Good Year

It all started with rotator cuff surgery and the doctor telling me that I had let it go so long, the tear so complete, that surgery might not take, or it might not hold. I prayed about it, began to walk briskly for up to an hour and half on a regular basis, and rode my indoor bike trainer regularly. I just felt like God wasn't through with me doing this stuff- no, not just yet. I healed really well and my range of motion came back quickly. My doctor was very happy with my progress, but not as happy and thankful as I was. He released me forty days from surgery. Two weeks later I did the Athens triathlon in Athens, Texas, a short triathlon of 300 yard pool swim, 15 mile bike and 5K run. I surprised myself at the ease at which I could do it and was even more surprised when I was 1st in my age group--the first time ever. God is good.

Just short of two months later, I did the CB & I Triathlon in the Woodlands, Texas (500 yard swim-15 mile bike-5K run). My time was about the same as previous years, which was pretty encouraging. But, more encouraging was that, in addition to my wife, my daughter, my son and his wife and my two grandchildren were there. That was absolutely great. No, award this time but the family being there was award enough- God is good.

A couple weeks later I did the Kona East Side Triathlon in Baytown, Texas. It was hot and muggy and I was the oldest finisher there. No one besides me were in my age group, so they aged me down to the age group below where I got 2ND place. The shoulder was holding up really well with all the swimming-God is good.

I trained through the summer and in September went to the Rose City Triathlon, in Tyler, Texas. This was the best and most participant-minded, event I have been to this year. Competition was tough at this event, even in the geriatric age groups, as I barely managed a 3rd place. We had a great time at this one-God is good.

A week later I did a 62 mile bike event (The Raven Ride) out of Huntsville, Texas. This turned out really well and I was feeling like I was about to be in shape for the half ironman distance event November 7th. In October I did a half marathon (The Huntsville Half) out of Huntsville, Texas. I used this event as sort of a trial for the half marathon run on the half ironman. Everything seemed to be working out just fine.
And, the best part, my son, a friend, my wife and grandchildren were there to cheer me. - God is good.

Finally, that day arrived when I began and finished a half ironman distance event-Ironstar, Montgomery, Texas. For a while I had to remind myself that I had actually done the half ironman distance. It is, and was, a dream come true, especially when I think that I started the year with my arm in a sling, a pain pump strapped to my waist, and sleeping in a recliner. During that time, I would sometimes rub my hands over my bike's handlebars or the tubing, and dream of that great feeling of having a good year. My prayers were answered. I had my good year; I have that great feeling and - God is good.