Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Right Kind of Crazy Stuff

There is a peace this morning. The answer came; the decision made then acted upon: I AM IN !


The event is ten months away and it is presumptuous to think at this age I will live that long, much less be able to do an ironman event. Of course it's insane but I have my excuses all laid out along with my "things to do" lists and training plan. And they are: I am old, senile, overcome with dementia, and deluded due to lack of oxygen to the brain. It's not my fault I do crazy stuff, you see.

And I have this crazy notion that God is in this with me; approves and smiles at upon it. Yeah, crazy stuff going on, this believing. Why would I think God has anything to do with this just because I have prayed fervently several times a day about it: just because I fasted and prayed about all this. This may no prove anything except the obvious(as previously) stated: senile, dementia, delusion.

However, this morning I am at peace about this decision and I am peace with God. Perhaps the right kind of crazy stuff really isn't all that bad.