Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hardships With Gratefulness

Hardships with Gratefulness; seems a contradiction. This holiday season is the first since the loss of my Mother: a hardship. Dig deep within and find the gratefulness for having had her for so many holiday seasons; grateful for the love and warmth she brought to that room I made for her in my life; grateful that I could love so deeply, hurt so much, and from all receive this feeling of being alive: alive in God.

Hardships with Gratefulness in the ironman quest; seems a contradiction as well. Grateful for the deep fatigue which means I have empowered purpose, that indeed, I have purpose; grateful for the setbacks, grateful for the failures which have made me more humble and yet grateful for the great workouts which have fueled hope and confidence; Grateful to know that this quest - for a no-talent such as myself - would never have been possible without being given the strength to endure from above. My prayer is to keep moving forward with gratefulness to the honor and glory of God.

Draw from Him the strength to endure. No one has the ability within himself to endure hardships with gratefulness. Only by relying on the Lord can believers go through adversity with an appreciative heart.

Now, think about that circumstance you would like changed, and with a new mindset, offer this prayer to God: "Lord, I accept this situation as coming from You. In faith and trust, I place myself under Your loving authority, and draw from You the strength I need to endure with gratitude."

Charles Stanley

There is a testimony behind the storm you are going through.