Saturday, January 1, 2011

Worthy of the Rescue

Several years ago, I flipped my vehicle and it caught on fire. By the Grace of God, a back window just happened to be down, and I managed to escape the flames. After crawling out of the vehicle, I turned to go back, to try to reach inside to get my planner, but the flames were already consuming the interior of the vehicle. All my plans and contacts were ashes.

There was a heightened awareness brought about through that encounter, and the direction of life changed. As we enter a new year, and I reflect on that incident, I find a certain peace with knowing that no matter who I think myself to be, or what wonderful plans I have, or how organized I can get with my planning, it can all be ashes in a moment. I keep this photo on my wall, lest I forget that God saved me out for some reason, and in 2o11 I want to be found worthy of the rescue.