Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making a Difference --- or Not

Perhaps, I thought I could make a difference in his fight with cancer. My half ironman distance effort was dedicated to John (my brother-in-law). He got the race shirt, the 1st place age group trophy, and the quilt my wife made. In addition, there was a ton of prayers offered in his behalf. He was moved by it all and bravely faced his treatments.

Now things have taken a downturn and all the good intentions, the high hopes, seem dashed against the rocks of reality. It was my toughest race, my hardest effort, my most fervent prayers, and yet nothing seems changed except for the worse.

Doubtful I will ever understand. Nevertheless, there is no other good choice other than to keep on praying, keep on running my race, holding John close to my heart; believing that love can make a difference, love can span the distance heart to heart, and between this world and the other.