Thursday, September 9, 2010


Where does it come from to get this tired old body out of the recliner and on the road? Why leave so many other things undone to go ride a bike? Why trade ease, comfort, and indulgence for more effort? Why? And for sure at the end of it all is even more fatigue, endured for a cause few care about besides myself. Why?
There are no immediate rewards; no parade; no cheering section; just my own willingness to take on the long hot road for a cause I can't completely explain to myself.

As I write this I am so tired that I only hope this make sense. Gotta go. I have a two hour bike now and down deep something Within knows why. Even in this haze of fatigue my foggy brain says in spite of this apparent senselessness, this still makes sense. So, out the door I follow; believing and trusting the Within.