Monday, February 1, 2010

Website- All Things Work Together for Good

Finally, I have designed and published a site. It is small potatoes in the website business but it is mine and I hope to use it well.

I have been at this for a couple years now and with the training and all, it has been difficult to devote the requisite time to doing this. With my meager amount of computer literacy and my old computer, it was also a lesson in patience. And, if I had not had all this down time with the rotator cuff surgery; if the weather had not been so cold and dreary, I would not have had the opportunity to complete this. There is a song that goes, " I thank God for the mountains. I thank God for the valleys. I thank God for all the trials He's brought me through." Oh yes, my site isn't that much and it is a work in progress. But that sort of describes myself as well.