Saturday, January 16, 2010

He's 64

I never get tired or complacent about finishing an event. There is, for me, such a feeling of exaltation and thankfulness as I come down the last stretch to the finish line. And, I have been doing runs, bike events, and triathlons now for over 27 years but I still just love it. A friend my age who no longer participates as I do, asked me if I still have trouble sleeping the night before an event. Thankfully, I could answer yes. I guess when I can sleep like a baby the night before an event, I should just take up TV channel surfing or some more sedentary pursuit. But after hundreds of events, my hair is still on fire so to speak and I still smile when I think of those last few yards to the finish line. At the event in the photo, I was the oldest participant at that event. The announcer called out my name as I was coming down and said, "He's 64 years old." I heard several in the crowd murmur, "he's 64." Maybe in this sport I am an aberration, a dinousaur among gazelles, but I am still smiling when I cross that finish line.