Friday, March 16, 2018

Dusting Off, Continuing the Journey

And the pain of just getting out of a chair or rolling over in bed was excruciating at times.   Walking was a bump and drag along affair: not pretty.  Like I wrote, I was in a hole.  And it gets down to what do I believe is lasting; the hole or the light above the hole.  The realization is that no matter how deep the hole, there is always a light at the opening; a calling to pull you toward the Light; the Light from above. 

God has put His brand upon me and in the hole or pulling up to the Light, I am His.  I am good for the journey - whatever.  The back pain is practically gone.  My activity level is back to normal.  I am dusting the dirt of the hole off my clothes.  And, with a smile, the Miles of the Journey continue.  Praise God.

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