Thursday, June 25, 2015

Outrunning Normal

Take the Hill !! Feel the pain, consume the fatigue, smile into it. It’s life. Bathe the spirit in it, it’s life. You are part.

Sure I can feel improvement, health, vitality from this. But mostly, I just feel renewed; thankful to God that I can do this. No excuses; I have stepped out over the edge; gone too far to go back, to ever be "normal" again. And, I am incurable, but not hopeless. Hope drove me past "normal." Hope made me reach, stretch, get beat up, and torn down. Hope raised me up to try again, and again, and again. I can look back and see that the life of comfort, ease and normal is chasing after me. It screams that this is all for my benefit if I would just slow down and act my age. But I know of the withered others - many dead now - who have believed this business about the alleged benefit of acting their appropriated age. And yes, it would be so easy to slow down and act the age that I am told I am, or --- I can act the age I feel. The age I really am.

Breathe hard, deeper: take the hill, feel the pain, keep up the pace. I can't slow down for this is a race I must daily win or be lost in a hapless, hopeless life of "normal things." I don’t want to ever go back; don't want to be "normal." This life just makes sense. Bathe the spirit in it. It's life ----Thank you God.