Friday, October 17, 2014

Active Recovery: The Lesson in the Tree

The tree was rotten and kept dropping limbs that impeded mowing. It looked sturdy enough still but my son climbed an extension ladder and threw a logging chain around it about half way up. We hooked two logging chains together and to the tractor. One light pull and the tree collapsed, breaking in pieces. What once had seemed so strong and immovable had succumbed to a pull at the right place and persistence to see the work through. Now there is smooth earth where the tree once stood and soon we will plant spinach on the good soil there.

Strange day off from training: active recovery I suppose. But, the lesson of the tree is the lesson of the quest: Sometimes we believe the tree cannot be moved; cannot be changed, but through the right pull at the right place, plus patient persistence, obstacles can fall, and our goals be met, and our lives bear fruit in due season.

For pulling my stongholds down, the right pull at the right place, is imbedded in my relationship with God. When I am close; when I am letting His power work through me, my rotten trees fall before me. Tomorrow another training day, and through the Power within me, another chance to down the obstacles between who I am now, and who God would have me be.