Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fasting Day 1- Let It Go

Beginning the second day of the juice fast. Fasting certainly changes perspective. Yesterday I noticed all the reflexive eating habits I had; eating out of habit rather than need. The headache which was probably from the coffee withdrawal was a real nuisance, especially while running the chainsaw. Now that is gone and I didn’t miss my coffee this morning as much as I thought I would. A fast is a personal shakedown. It makes me realize how weak and dependent I can be: a good thing to remember before I think about ridiculing those same traits in others.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time by myself, working outside; prayed a lot, listened a lot, and at the end of the day found a small degree of peace with my ironman withdrawal. God seemed to show me that, I still limp a little while walking. My hip still hurts just walking. The very slow trail running I do is ponderous and painful at times. At its best my run is not fast enough to beat the cut-off time, nor could I have even walked fast enough to finish the ironman before the cut-off time. Let it go, Marv. Let it go, God seems to say.