Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Begin

The week was getting away from me. Hold on. I need that long bike ride, but I feel so whipped. It is so hot. And, the internal dialogue continued. "Fix your water bottles for the ride" "But" "Just begin, Marv. You'll never make it happen unless you begin. Come on, take the first step: fill that water bottle." "How am I going to do this?" "Just begin." That was the same conversation I had with myself when I did my half ironman distance event. The water was so cold. My doubts were working overtime on my confidence. My thoughts became, "come on, let's just begin." Over 30 years of this stuff, I have faced this many times, and have always found that if I will just take that first step; start the momentum, I will usually get the job done, and sometimes, unexpectedly, have a great day, a great workout. If I had one only one piece of advice to give to those considering entering the fitness arena, it would be this: just begin. You just might surprise yourself.