Sunday, June 3, 2012

"It Just Is"

It will be hot on the "Dirt Road from Hell." It always is on the 10K run of the Wool Capitol Triathlon in San Angelo, Texas. This August 12th, the event will celebrate its 25th anniversary. I did this one 10 years ago. How much have I lost? Then again, how much have I gained? Howver, the end game is the good experience. How can this be a good experience when it is some sort of guarantee that I will end up looking something like the above photo from the 2007 event, or worse? Why is it important? "It just is," said the Blazeman (Jon Blais,ALS Warrior Poet now deceased)as to why it was important to him to do the ironman. Those who have been there know. Life is not like a half-eaten Powerbar. I can't save it until later. There is not that much "later" remaining. Who knows how much "later" any of us have? Life is the currency God gave me. Spend it well. Run the race set before me while the hot August sun is still in my sky.